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For Students;

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  • Wait for an answer to be posted (always before due date), after that you will get a notification that answer is available, pay the remaining amount to access your answer.
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For writers;

  • Bid for questions only in your area of specialty.
  • Whenever a student chooses your bid, you will receive an on site notification, with the details i.e amount paid as down-payment.
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  • Payments to writers are made twice a month. 
  • A writer receives 85% of the bid/tutorial price and the site keeps the 15%.

Who writes my essay?
  Our large writing staff of course;  allowing us to match writers up with virtually any type of assignment, on any particular subject category. 

How to earn(As a student).
Invite a friend and get a 40 % profit share from his/her spending's during the first 120 days (The 15% of what he/she spends).

How we earn.
Out of what an essay costs, we hold 15% of that as profit and pay the rest to the tutor(s).