1. Assignment – 2020 Census Citizenship Question

1.   Assignment – 2020 Census Citizenship Question

Research and explain the history of questions regarding citizenship on previous Census forms and the controversy surrounding the 2020 Census citizenship question proposed by the Trump administration. What are the arguments for and against it, as well as recent judicial rulings by federal judges regarding it? Why is this important?

2.   Assignment – Healthcare

Polls show one of the most important issues to voters in the 2018 mid-term elections is healthcare.  President Trump focused again on health care earlier this week in an op-ed published by USA Today. He made several statements, including that “pre-existing conditions are safe.”  Fact check his op-ed comments, explain and analyze your findings. Then give your opinion of the prevailing arguments. Cite your sources.

3.  Assignment – Supply side vs Keynesian economics

As part of our studies on policy making, define and give a brief history of both “Supply Side” (also known asTrickle-Down) and Keynesian economic theories. Compare and contrast them, giving pros and cons of each. Finally, provide an analysis of whether they work, including examples. Cite your sources.

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